✖︎ FAQ ✖︎

When will my items ship?

I ship out orders every Friday! I usually spend Thursday nights getting together and packaging orders, so if you order on a Friday I most likely won't ship your order until the next Friday!

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I do not accept returns or exchanges. The only exception to this is if the order was packaged incorrectly. (This rarely happens, but if it does I will need to be provided proof).

I haven't received my order yet, what should I do?

If you've already checked your tracking number, the next best thing is to call your local post office, or call the mail carrier directly. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about lost items as that is out of my control, so it's always best to contact them should that be the case.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I do! Normally international shipping would take about 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on the country, but since COVID-19 restricted post from other countries, it can take longer. Just keep checking your tracking number!

I pre-ordered something, when can that be expected to arrive?

Depending on what item it is, this can vary. For pins, it takes about 2 months to manufacture and ship out to me. For bags, it can take up to three months, as my manufacturer ships by freight. Under every preorder item's description I'll have the estimated arrival date!